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Do you ever fear waking up 20 years from now, realizing that you are still struggling with the same problems, and oppressed by the same negative thoughts and emotions?

What if you could overcome the limitations of challenging mental states such as anxiety, confusion, fear, and negative self-talk?

What if you could grow in wisdom and explore deeper meanings in life, with the support of a teacher, a community of other conscious individuals, and the right tools?

What if personal and spiritual growth didn’t have to be so hard, confusing, and overwhelming?

I was overwhelmed, stuck and impatient...

As I started my journey of personal (and spiritual) growth, I soon realized that there was a lot of work for me to do. Old habits to let go of, mindsets to change, new concepts to understand, and personal qualities to develop. It was quite overwhelming.

Every new book I read and every workshop I attended would recommend additional exercises, mindsets, and things to do. My to-do list was increasing, but self-transformation was still slower than I expected. To be honest, the process was quite confusing for many years. How can we keep 37 things in mind at the same time?!? Not to mention the maze of conflicting advice and uncertainty as to what to follow...

I really missed having someone who would put it all together, show the missing links, and prioritize it all for me. Someone who would separate the wheat from the chaff, and boil it all down to easy and concrete steps that I could take day after day.

Does it all need to be so hard?

Why isn't it clear, simple and actionable?

I couldn’t find anyone like that—at least not up to my standards. So I had to become such a person. I had to study it all, put in hundreds of hours of contemplation, and make it practical.

Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot in this journey. And I also was able to transform myself in many aspects—overcoming negative emotions and limiting mental states along the way.

LiveAndDare is the manifestation of my desire to share all this learning and effort, so that it can be easier for other people. And this subscription program, Limitless Life, is the crown of my efforts—where I’m gradually making it available all my lessons, principles and tools to better serve your ongoing growth in life.

What Is It For You?

For years I’ve been writing about meditation and personal growth, and asking people: What is it that most bothers you? What type of thought or emotion would you rather not have to deal with anymore?

These are the most common answers I get:

  • Anxiety
  • Fear (of failure, of rejection, of the unknown)
  • Confusion (lack of clarity and direction)
  • Negative self-talk (lack of self-esteem and self-confidence)
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Low energy
  • Lack of self-discipline, focus or motivation
  • Difficulty accepting and letting go
  • Anger
  • Resentment, shame and guilt
  • Procrastination (not taking action)

The second type of question I asked is, “If you could change one thing about yourself, or your life, what would that be? What would you like to develop or cultivate?

This question invites you, rather than focusing on removing any emotional pain, to seeing what pulls you to grow and explore your potential. Here, people talk about:

  • Self-actualization
  • Discovering who I truly am
  • Connecting to something higher
  • Finding meaning and purpose
  • Experiencing happiness, love, oneness or peace
  • Serving in a deeper way
  • Becoming a better human being
  • Growing beyond the ego

It seems that everybody wants to either overcome something that limits their lives, or wants to grow into something bigger, truer, or deeper. In other words, moving from the limited to the unlimited. Or both.

What change do YOU want?

There may be so many things you want to improve or explore in yourself, in your life, that you are not sure how to go about it... Perhaps you have tried this tool, and that app, and yet another tip, but no change.

The good news is: there is a certain set of core skills or teachings that, once learned, makes all this transformation much simpler. Many of these challenges are very connected, so if you work properly on one of them, it has a positive domino effect in other areas in your life as well.

Meditation is certainly a powerful tool in helping you achieve these goals—but it's not a panacea.

For you to really make progress in any of the areas above, you need a solid meditation practice—one that is suited for your personality and needs—, but you also need clear steps and systems to integrate other personal-growth elements in your life.

The Keys to Self-Transformation

Although these goals may seem very different from each other, they all have common causes. So often by changing one simple thing, you can change a thousand of other things. Whether you are focused more on overcoming limitations or on growing and expanding, there is a common set of tools, practices and principles that can serve you powerfully.

Here is where meditation proves its value as a practice. It is an essential tool for overcoming most types of emotional/psychological suffering, as well as for empowering you to “be your best self”.

But meditation needs to work in tandem with three other core practices: self-awareness, mindset work, and wise action.

Some “gurus” out there want you to believe in a magic technique that will, by itself, fix all your problems. In my experience, this never really works. I have come to understand that you need a holistic approach to self-transformation. You need to address it from all angles: body, mind, heart and life.

Real Change Is Possible!

We are all struggling with one type of negative thought or the other; or we at least have some desire to grow, to expand beyond our current limitations. In fact, we are all already using some personal strategies to do that; the problem is that they may not be so effective, or they may have negative side effects we don’t suspect.

The good news is that you can outgrow your limitations. This will allow you to experience greater meaning, fulfilment and well-being in life—and it doesn’t need to be that complicated. You can actively grow in wisdom and transform yourself little by little, day after day, without becoming overwhelmed, confused, or worn out.

Imagine how it would be if you...

  • Are less affected by the ups and downs of life and have more peace
  • Knew how to accept yourself, accept life, and how to let go
  • Have greater clarity over your path in life
  • Are developing powerful qualities, week after week, such as courage, tranquility and focus
  • Have the right tools and meditations to deal with stress, manage pain, and get deep sleep
  • Overcome your fears and live more freely
  • Be your best friend, and no longer sabotage your life
  • Grow in wisdom and self-knowledge, and explore spirituality in a deeper and safer way

You can have more of that in your life. Imagine the difference these changes would make in your relationships, career, goals, and personal life!

"But, Giovanni, I have tried. I just don't seem to be able to..."

Ah, I know, I know. You've google stuff, you've read books, you perhaps have even been to seminars, courses and coaching. But still no change.

The problem is lack of action—and this is often the fault of the way the teachings and tools are presented. The biggest problem with personal growth is actually implementing the steps you learn. This is as important as the steps itself.

Here is where I take extra pride in my work. I know it is easy to get confused, to "leave it for later", to skip. That is why I carefully design all my courses so that they are easy to understand, short, simple to follow, and highly actionable. I take your success as my responsibility too!

The Limitless Life Program

Limitless Life is a membership program that gives you ongoing support and structure to increase emotional wellbeing and growth in your life.

It presents a collection of tools, practices and teachings organized in a pleasant and systematic, step-by-step manner. In this program you can expect the same characteristics that you find in my popular Master Your Mind meditation courses. They are:

  • Simple, clear and achievable steps
  • Results-oriented, pragmatic approach
  • Designed so you can have a small success every day
  • Integrating the wisdom of the West and East
  • Non-sectarian and down-to-earth
  • Self-paced

Limitless Life is a collection of courses, guided meditations, lectures and challenges. Think of it as your complete personal growth package.

It comes in three plans: Standard, Premium (this one) and Platinum.


With Limitless Life you will find the accountability of having a community of conscious like-minded people, and also my own personal support.

This program is not for you if you are looking for a "pill approach” or “magical formulas” that will change your life with no effort on your part. Transformation always takes some commitment and effort—the difference here is that I make it as easy as humanly possible.

This program is for you if:

  • You are focused on personal growth, self-healing, or transformation ✓
  • You struggle with negative thoughts and emotions (anxiety, fear, self-doubt, procrastination, confusion, etc.) ✓
  • You want to become a better person and are ready to work for it ✓
  • You want to explore conscious living, meditation and spirituality in a systematic way ✓
  • You have the intuition that true meaning of life, fulfillment, and purpose comes from within ✓
  • You know that real happiness and wellness ultimately depends on the state of your mind and heart above everything else ✓
  • You feel that there is a lot you want to improve in yourself, but you don’t know where to focus on ✓

Are you feeling the pull ? Join now and give it a try!

If this ever stops serving you, you can easily unsubscribe at any time!


Prioritize Yourself

Limitless Life is a collection of powerful tools and principles, systematically organized in the form of courses, guided meditations, lectures and forums. Think of it as your life companion for wellness, personal growth, and fulfillment.

Growing as a person translates into many areas of your life. It allows you to be a better parent, worker, friend and partner. You’ll be more proud of the steps you take in life, less regretful of past decisions, and more able to explore the spiritual side of living.

A year from now you will be an year older—but will you be a year wiser? What really will have changed in yourself, if all continues as it is?

Time passes quickly—and if we don’t actively put some thought and energy into personal growth and meditation on an ongoing basis, there won’t be much change. We might end up struggling with negative emotions, or lack of clarity and direction, for longer than needed.

Do you want personal growth to only come painfully, when life pulls the rug from under your feet?

The deeper meaning of life is to continuously grow as a person, to explore your potential, and to serve. That ongoing commitment enlivens us, making sure we are constantly moving in the right direction. Meditation is key to that—and yet there is much more to it.

Limitless Life is my invitation for you to give priority to yourself and your growth; to remove the obstacles in your life, and live with more awareness.

This is possible, and you can start today.

Get started now!

Your Teacher

Giovanni Dienstmann
Giovanni Dienstmann
Giovanni Dienstmann is the creator of Live and Dare, one of the top five most popular meditation blogs on the planet. As an international author, meditation coach and speaker, Giovanni is an expert in helping people overcome anxiety and stress to live a more calm and centered life.

He is the author of the best-selling book Practical Meditation, which is available in six different languages and has popularly been called “The Meditation Bible”. With over 9,000 hours of personal meditation practice, and a diverse training in meditation methodologies from different traditions, Giovanni brings a practical and unique approach to help both meditation novices and spiritual seekers alike.

He is a Registered teacher through the Meditation Association of Australia, as well as a sought-after consultant to award-winning meditation apps. His insights have been featured on popular publications such as Daily Yoga, Elephant Journal, Coach.me and many more.

Giovanni’s clients range from stay at home parents to entrepreneurs, C-level executives and pro athletes. His acclaimed program Limitless Life has helped thousands of people master their mind, find contentment and clarity, and become unstoppable.

His work is to help people move from anxious, stressed and scattered to calm, centered, and focused. Whether you are seeking wellbeing, personal growth, healing or spiritual development, his work is here to support and empower you.