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  Course Intro

You can also follow this course through the Teachable iOS app.

If you do that, please note that the Teachable app is new and currently still has some limitations:

  • If you want to follow the guided meditation audios directly from your iPhone/iPad, you'll have to turn off the auto-lock feature (otherwise it will pause the guided audio). For that, go to the Settings app, then "Display & Brightness" > "Auto-Lock", and temporarily switch to "Never". Also, please wait a few seconds once you hit "Play", so the file loads.
  • The links inside PDFs don't open in the app.

If you follow through a browser, however, you won't experience any of these issues.

Course Intro.PDF

There are three more things I want to share with you before you start.

First is that whenever you finish a lesson you need to press the button on the top right corner, so it marks it as complete and updates your "Percent Complete" status.

Second, the way I have organized the course is that you only have access to the lessons you need right now. Every week, a new Week of content is unlocked. This helps us to focus on taking action on the current lessons, rather than falling into the temptation of wanting to "peek ahead". However, if for any reason you prefer the whole content to be unlocked at once, then send me an email after you finish the first week, and I'll unlock it for you.

Third, this course teaches you meditation from the inside-out, making you stand on your own feet, and not depend on guided meditations. However, I have included one guided meditation on the first day of each week, as an aid to learn the new technique, due to request from some students.

If you feel the need, make use of it - if not, just do the meditation on your own.