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  Course Intro

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If you do that, please note that the Teachable app is new and currently still has some limitations:

  • If you want to follow the guided meditation audios directly from your iPhone/iPad, you'll have to turn off the auto-lock feature (otherwise it will pause the guided audio). For that, go to the Settings app, then "Display & Brightness" > "Auto-Lock", and temporarily switch to "Never". Also, please wait a few seconds once you hit "Play", so the file loads.
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If you follow through a browser, however, you won't experience any of these issues.

Course Intro.PDF

There are three more things I want to share with you before you start.

First is that whenever you finish a lesson you need to press the button on the top right corner, so it marks it as complete and updates your "Percent Complete" status.

Second, the way I have organized the course is that you only have access to the lessons you need right now. Every week, a new Week of content is unlocked. This helps us to focus on taking action on the current lessons, rather than falling into the temptation of wanting to "peek ahead". However, if for any reason you prefer the whole content to be unlocked at once, then send me an email after you finish the first week, and I'll unlock it for you.\

Third, this course teaches you meditation from the inside-out, making you stand on your own feet, and not depend on guided meditations. However, I have included one guided meditation on the first day of each week, as an aid to learn the new technique, due to request from some students.

If you feel the need, make use of it - if not, just do the meditation on your own.

Joseph MacTurk
Clear and concise thank you
I am on Internet Explorer and just getting familiar with program. When I lick the paper clip to download the pdf, the screen goes to and is just blank grey. How do I download the PDF?
Giovanni Dienstmann
That's strange. You might want to try another browser, like Chrome or Firefox.
Sandra Holik
In your PDF above course intro it says: Each day you will receive a short text (on average a 3-minute read). It consists of: .... and it lists Inspiring quotes, instructions, learn more?? There was not a place to put a cell # and on the page before I signed up an app was mentioned?? I have horrible service at my home so relying on connection on my phone will not work. I will find a way to make this work regardless ;) I can't wait to get started.
Chantel Stucki
Sandra, I first understood the above PDF statement the same way you did. However, when Giovanni says "you will receive a short text..", he doesn't mean a text message to your phone; he means an emailed PDF that includes a paragraph of writing that takes about 3 minutes to read. Hope that helps!
Giovanni Dienstmann
Ah, I now see where the problem was. I have updated that text on the intro PDF to be more clear. Now it says "You will have a short lesson (PDF & audio) for each day".
Giovanni Dienstmann
Hi Sandra,

I'm not sure I understand what you mean. However, one thing you can do is to download the PDFs and Audio Files for the whole week in advance, and then have it there on your phone.
Chantel Stucki
Giovanni, I am already so impressed. This course is put together SO well. Better than any other meditation or holistic seminar I've done so far. I'm really loving the flow of this course and how clear and well put-together it is. So happy to have found your Live and Dare website!
Giovanni Dienstmann
That's great to hear! Enjoy the course!
Sneha Taylor
Dear G,

I am just a silent admirer of your expertise and follow your blog regularly. Even though I have been meditating daily for past few weeks, I feel like I need thorough knowledge. Simply looking forward to the learning in this course and new me!
Thank you! I am looking forward to a peaceful productive life as I learn to meditate and manage my negative thoughts.
julie redman
I have very recently lost my husband after caring for him for 18months before which I chose to take a spiritual road. I put my life on hold to dedicate time to my husband but now I want to find my way back. I'm looking forward to this course so I can find myself again and hopefully it will help me process some of the emotions im dealing with. Julie
Giovanni Dienstmann
Welcome to the course, Julie. May meditation help you in these though times. And I'm here in case you have any questions.
Jerome Cabeen
I have just enrolled and I am looking forward to my journey. Though I sit everyday, I am confident this 5 week journey will be a wonderful and deep insight to understanding meditation, and more importantly myself better.

Thank you Gio for a wonderful pathway forward.

OM, Namaste, Peace,

Hi...I have meditating now for several months. I know you want us to stay completely still but I am noticing recently that I am experiencing head kriyas. Should I try to stay still even though my body wants to move?
Giovanni Dienstmann
During the time of the meditation, I would encourage you to allow the body to be very still, like a statue. This greatly facilitates stillness.
Warren Mitchell
Hello Giovanni, I just purchased your course and not yet started. However my mine motivation for enrollment is your support. You quickly answered a question for me about 6 months ago and I have a couple others. I value your expertise and accessibility and thought it was fair I pay for it by enrolling. I will start your course when I sit tomorrow. However I have two questions. I sit for 20 minutes a day, crosslegged, eyes closed, counting breaths and using Muse headband. Often I have a sensation of my body feeling of my body tilting to the right, It is incomfortable and distracting although I do not stop. It feels somewhat like vertigo and my posture is still erect. It usually comes on at about the 15 minute mark. Any suggestions on overcoming this?

Second my flexibility is very poor despite daily yoga. I use a zabatu cushion with knee pillows but find it difficult to sit erect with out holding my knees to use my arm muscles for support. Relaxing my arms completely cause significant effort with my core to.l combat the inflexiblity. Would you have suggestions for posture change or is using my arms for some support acceptable? Thanks!
Giovanni Dienstmann
Thank you for joining g he course.
I also experience body tilting slightly during meditation. As long as you keep your posture erect, I wouldn't worry about it.

As to posture, it is better not to use the arms to hold the knees, otherwise you cannot relax so deeply into the practice. . I would instead suggest you try to sit higher, maybe using a tall cushion. Or try a meditation bench.
Ritesh Khanna
Giovanni why should one sit higher why not on ground. Does sitting on bed or couch will work. Please suggest. Thanks
Giovanni Dienstmann
If you have pain on your knees or lower back while sitting on the ground, or on a cushion, then you need to experiment with a higher cushion.

Sitting on a chair or bed is also possible, although the ground is preferable, at least once meditation advances.
Lilan Marunde
Just wondering if there is an app for this program or if it is only accessible from the website? Also, there was a mention of text do I sign up for this?
Giovanni Dienstmann
Hi Lilan,

The course is web based, but you can access it via your mobile browser.
I'm not sure where you saw the mention of text reminders. But one thing I recommend is to setup a recurring calendar event in your calendar app, or an alarm in your phone, to remind you to do the meditation.
Ritesh Khanna
Giovanni can you put a alarm clock on your website. It will be of great help for us.
Giovanni Dienstmann
I'm not even sure that is possible... I'll have to investigate.
Perhaps the easier is that each person puts an alarm on their phone, to remind them.
Russell Hamel
Here we go - second time through the course. Having already been through, I promise I won't be a spoiler as to what is coming up except to say that Giovanni is an EXCELLENT communicator. In this introduction, he tells you exactly what you can expect throughout the course. Then, as the course unfolds he tells you again exactly what you can expect for each day. Finally, at the end of the course he wraps everything up neatly by telling you exactly what you just experienced over the past 5 weeks.

As a teacher myself, I know this to be an excellent strategy for imparting knowledge:

Tell them what you are going to teach them.
Teach them.
Remind them of what you just taught them.

The old saying, "You only get out of it what you put into it" rings absolutely true here. Giovanni put EVERYTHING into this course, so now it's up to us. Again, having been through this course once already, I can tell you that if you make the effort, you WILL BE DIFFERENT five weeks from now.

All the best from Toronto,
Ritesh Khanna
Very True Sir. Giovanni put the subject very systematically, very much practically. Thanks
Warren Mitchell
Thank you Giovanni. O will seek solutions to adjust my posture. In the second question I would like to explain further. My body is not actually tilted, just the sensation of tilting with a dizzying vertigo effect. I have managed to continue practice through it but it does not end until my session is over and is quite distracting and unpleasant, like sea sickness. Any other thoughts?
I did poorly on my bowling league and cant get it off my mind am trying meditation to heolp me throug this.
Maria Brummel
I like how you keep the future lessons locked. I am the type of person who wants to peek ahead and do it all at once because of my enthusiasm. Restricting access is allowing me to relax and take this learning process easy.
Cheri Riehle
I've been experimenting with Yoga and Meditation...its time to explore a bit deeper! Thanks for setting me in the right direction!
Giovanni Dienstmann
Awesome! Please keep sharing your experiences in this forum.
Mary-Anne Jones
Looking forward to it!
Ellen Verfaillie
Looking forward to start the journey!
Gretchen Hummel
Brand new year, brand new meditation practice, I hope. A good time to start. I have tried meditation several times in the past and have noticed I get depressed. I'm hoping that won't happen this time. I have a good friend that is a dedicated meditater and have been impressed with the changes it has made in her. Anyway, I'm trying again...
Giovanni Dienstmann
You made a smart choice, Gretchen. Meditation is one of the best New Year's resolutions!

If you experience anything negative from these practices, please get in touch so we can work through that together.
Carlos Castanon
Hi, I started my meditation practice a few years ago. I fill stuck.. hope the course can help me go further.

Best, Carlos
Gerhard Schulze
Lets go.
I meditate a long time now, but like the introduction of different techniques.
Glad to be here,

Giovanni Dienstmann
That's great, Gerhard. I'm sure you will find many helpful pointers for your practice.
Mukesh Nayak
Hi Giovanni! Have finally got started..Hoping for the best outcome. I like the audio very much...Wish to speak the way you do..Wish me luck for a successful completion. Thank you so much !!
Giovanni Dienstmann
Thank you, Mukesh! May you enjoy this course very much!
Wendy London
Thank you for providing this introduction. The course structure and process is clear. I'm eager to begin!
Thank you Giovanni! This course looks great.
Virginia Reagles
So far so good. I like the organization and starting out with less time and building up as we go along.
Michael D. McGill-Davis
Love the emphasis on gradual habit building. This could be just what I need to make meditation a daily activity. Looking forward to using such a well thought out program.
David L Forbes
The programme seems very promising, and I will endeavour to take full advantage of it.

A hopeful
David Forbes
Lisa Mikalsen
Looking forward to start this course. Hoping this will help me getting started for real with meditation. I've only read books about it for now, so actually practicing it will be a challenge. But I'm up for it! Thank you!
Melanie Falick
Excited to get started.
Rebekah L Anglin
Looking forward to consistency! Thank you
Ntathu Allen
Thank you. Nice clear introduction and am looking forward to sharing, learning and growing. Thank you.
Giovanni Dienstmann
Nicholas Stein
excellent introduction.
no over promising.
inviting and non intimidating.
Giovanni Dienstmann
Great to see you here, Nick!
Reena Nath
Easy to start...except I saved my email that was misspelt and I couldn't go back and change it!
Also now I am worried if I leave this site where will I find it on my phone?
Giovanni Dienstmann
I saw you registered with two emails, so that is ok.

The way to access this site is always:

You can bookmark it.
Kwonho Lee
Good introduction!!